What Is PeopleSoft 9?

As with any type of software, PeopleSoft continues to go through new upgrades in order to remain relevant and to be the best possible tool it can. PeopleSoft 9 refers to the most recent set of enhancements that were provided to the software, and many of them are still used to this day.

Currently, PeopleSoft has reached version 9.2, which shows that the system is still receiving updates on a consistent basis, but that PeopleSoft 9 is the foundation on which everything is built upon. Everything that uses an operating system (from phone apps and video games to web browsers and HR software) will be upgraded from time to time.

Upgrades are necessary because there is no tool or product that can remain the same for any amount of time. The demands of the user’s changes and so does the expectations of the brand. Companies that rest of their laurels too much are at risk of being left behind and becoming obsolete.

One of the best examples of this is the digital wave that is sweeping through the current generation. Some users prefer to have a digital download of a book or film instead of waiting for the physical version. Companies that are not able to adapt to this new demand are left behind (and sometimes closed down) because there are other businesses that will listen to customer demand.

On the other hand, updates also smooth out the operating system and remove any glitches that may be present from the previous entry. Each time a software addresses a set of problems, a new batch appears. It can be very difficult to know how serious the ripple effect is until the general public starts using the software, but updates ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and that the direst problems are given a quick and satisfactory solution.

One of the best ways to determine what is needed in a new version of software is to listen to consumer feedback and pinpoint what seems to be the sticking point for most users. Sometimes an updated software might fix minor issues, while another may give the entire system a necessary overhaul.

PeopleSoft 9 is one of the upgrades that addressed smaller issues for the operating system, but also introduced brand new ideas and features. Some of the new additions were seen for the university setting, which included:

  • The ability to create custom online applications
  • Controlling how much of a person’s name is shown
  • Deleting incorrect or unintended communications to people or organizations
  • Integrating applicant and application information from third-party software

On a larger scale, PeopleSoft also introduced the self-service features that allow for seamless application for anyone that is using the product suite, even from mobile devices. This addition is one what was desired by many users, and the developers listened to the requests in order to make the system even more streamlined than it ever has been.

PeopleSoft 9 is far from the last update that the operating system will ever receive, but it is clear that both users and developers are working together to craft the best tool possible so that everyone is able to benefit from a better product.

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