Blockchain Jobs - Technology Internship Program - Spring 2019, 1843

at Ruan Transportation - Corporate
Location Des Moines, IA
Date Posted January 22, 2019
Category Default
Job Type Full-Time


Ruan’s 2019 Technology Internship Program
Why Choose Ruan IT?
People First and Great Place to Work
  • Autonomy: We hire great people and trust them to shape our future success. You become part of a team that makes decisions regarding technology and processes; decisions aren’t made for you.
  • Career development and advancement is important to us.   
  • Our flat organizational structure allows you direct access to strategic decision makers and C-level executives.
  • Ruan offers competitive pay and benefits.
  • Our broad scope of operation allows a unique opportunity to work in a business with four very different business models.
  • We invest in our people with the goal of career—long learning for all team members.
Broad Application of Technology
  • In Ruan IT, there is Never a dull moment.  Employees have the opportunity to work on many different technologies and to cross train, versus; having a single role or emphasis.
  • For most IT teams, application maintenance of the back-office tasks (e.g., financials/billing, administration, and HRIS) is a primary focus. However, Ruan IT goes beyond to leverage almost every IT macro trend - including mobility, IoT, cloud, wearables, autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, sensor technology, data analytics, virtualization, and business process automation.
  • Our industry-leading, integrated transportation and warehouse management systems are top tier solutions. 
  • Beyond our current technology portfolio, Ruan IT is conducting research and development on the application of new macro trends, like blockchain and augmented reality.
  • With an eye on the future, Ruan IT is taking a strategic look at technology trends and how their application can lower costs, increase driver satisfaction, and enable new revenue streams.
  • We invest in new technologies enabling safety and improved efficiency, so we do not have older technology stack, such as COBOL, DB2, and Mainframe. 
  • Ruan IT is robust and nimble enough to explore in-house applications of new technology and does not need to rely on third parties to bring our solutions to the market. 
We Roll with Data 
  • In transportation, data is everywhere. Information for decision making is a priority.
  • There has been an explosion in the advancements in transportation technology, yielding insights that were merely science fiction in the recent past. 
  • Consider how much fun a technologist has with the massive amounts of data coming from our vehicles, including vehicle telemetry to use in predictive maintenance models, routing optimization, driver performance enhancement, and more.
Dynamic in Every way
  • We have a heavy customer focus with the ability to quickly integrate with new customers and tailor solutions for their needs.